Quote for the Day #14 – Being Interesting and Saying So with Charlie Chaplin and F Scott Fitzgerald

I found this quote a few months ago and each time I read it, it makes me smile.

Charlie ChaplinIt is also an insight into one of the great personalities of the entertainment business.

“I don’t need interesting camera angles, I am interesting.”

– Charles Chaplin

I guess you couldn’t be such a big personality, get yourself anywhere without firmly believing in yourself and your abilities.

As an Australian I find that we are all too scared of being cut down. Whether it is if we are too vocal about our strengths and skills, or that we make it known that we have had any success, anything really. Tall Poppy syndrome is Australia can be absolutely crippling!

I had to overcome my nerves when it came to making my latest film ‘Beehive‘ (See the Beehive Facebook page here). I was excited to be making the film and wanted to share the experience with people but I couldn’t say there wasn’t underlying fear that I would be faced with negativity. I was afraid that people would find me cocky as I promoted what I was doing, or that no one would show an interest in the film, or worse – that they would make me feel small and insignificant – “oh that’s cute, you’re making a little film, how fun”.

Thankfully I have a wonderful network of people around me and it wasn’t like that. I got use to telling people about the film and overall I found people were very interested to hear about the process of making a film. My friends were extremely supportive but also honest (the best kinds of friends). I even overcame the elevator pitch – being asked what my film is about and needing to instantly need to win over the other person with my story before they get bored. At first I would just get shy and chicken out, but the more I pushed myself to have a go, the more I involved people in what I was doing, shared posts and photos about the experience and practiced pitching – the better the experience and the film became. (See Lights Online Film Schools post about elevator pitches here).

I am so glad that I didn’t make my film hidden away in a dark corner of my apartment, on the sly without a soul knowing what I was doing. I would much rather let people know I was trying to do something, to be held accountable for, than to not try at all (If no one knows what you are doing, it is very easy to give up without any consequences).

F. Scott Fitzgerald“The reason one writes isn’t the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say.”

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

As filmmakers we have big personalities, interesting stories and live an unusual lifestyle. We all knew what we were getting ourselves into, and the reasons which propelled us to push on. So own it and shout it to the world.

Ehran Edwards“I am a filmmaker, I am creative. I have stories to tell and emotions I want people to feel when they experience them. 
I’m not doing this because I have nothing better to do or I’m just avoiding a mundane office job. I am not doing it to stroke my ego, to impress people or to make money (See my last quote of the day for my thoughts on this). 
I love what I do and think that I’ll make great films. Yes, I am learning, but I can only go up from here and I am so excited about what the future may hold.”
~ Ehran Edwards

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“With my head in the stars, a twinkle in my eye and a love for cinema and nostalgia, filmmaking is a fun, creative way to express myself.” 


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