GoPro HD Hero Naked and Hero 2

If you have been living under a rock, then you may have missed the phenomenon that has been GoPro.
A small compact camera range that allows you to film HD with endless possibilities of mounting allowing users the freedom to put the camera just about anywhere for that awesome shot.
Not only that, but the cameras comes with shockproof and waterproof housing. Meaning it is a fantastic camera for extreme sports like surfing, motocross and skiing.

My curiosity was sparked one night when I was doing 2nd unit shooting on my Canon 5D Mark II one night in Sydney City. I was standing on a corner filming traffic going by. I noticed a cyclist waiting at the lights staring at me. I then noticed he had a tiny little camera mounted to his head. We smiled at each other with an unspoken understanding of filming the city.
It was quite a nice moment which spurred on my curiosity about the camera.

So here is a basic outline of what GoPro is.

Stay tuned for my next post where I compare Sonys new Action Cam against the GoPro Hero 2 camera.


GoPro released it’s ‘Hero’ range in 2010. These cameras are small in size (42mm x 60mm x 30mm)and comes bundled with clear polycarbonate HD Housing (with glass lens) that is rated shockproof and waterproof to 180 ft/60 meters.
The cameras are operated with a small LCD screen and two buttons. The Hero cameras offers both photo and video and include an in-built microphone. The camera doesn’t include a viewfinder.

The GoPro camera has a fixed focal length and aperture of f/2.8. It also includes an upside down mode to make the photo/video appear upright when played. As well as video, the cameras offer the ability to shoot stills in either single, triple shot burst, time-lapse (1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 secs) or self-timer.

GoPro offers a wide range of accessories for their cameras which cater to many of the different uses a user may want to use the camera for.

Because of their size, shockproof/waterproof housing and variety of mounting options the GroPro Hero range has been a huge success with action sports such as surfing and motor sports.

HD Hero Naked

The first of this series, known as the HD Hero Naked.  The Hero Naked shoots up to 1080p HD video at 30 and 60fps (60 in 720p). It has an angle of view of 127º in 1080p (170º in WVGA, 720p, or 960p mode). Its sensor is a 1/2.5″ HD CMOS.
The Naked camera shoots photo, offering 5MP.

Retails approx $129

HD Hero 2

The followup to the successful ‘Naked’ GoPro was the HD Hero 2 released in 2011. It has 1080p HD video, however unlike its predecessor, it offers more options for frame rates including the ability to shoot  SD WVGA at 60 and 120fps allowing the user to shoot in slow motion.

The new model has 2x sharper glass lens and now has a 1 /2.3” CMOS Image Sensor. As well as the standard 170º and 127º FOV the camera now offers 90º Narrow FOV.

There are even bigger changes for the photo capabilities. A user can now takes stills up to 11MP in single, 10 photo burst, time-lapse (support photo every 0.5 secs with 10 speed SD card) and self-timer.

Audio options have improved now with a stereo external microphone Input (3.5mm) as well as the standard in-built mic.

The GoPro HD Hero 2 is offered in the Outdoors, Motorsports or Surf Edition.

Retails approx $299 

Video – Extreme Sports with GoPro Hero 2

Here is a video demonstrating the the HD Hero 2 by Skyp Warrior.

How to use

See here for the HD Hero naked user manual
See here for the HD Hero 2 user manual

Here is an extremely helpful video showing how to use your HD Hero 2 straight from the box. Video provided by GoProCamera


I don’t have my own GoPro camera, so heres what others have to say.

Gizmodo Australia – GoPro Hero 2 Review – The Best Sports Cam Ever?
Gizmodos review also includes a short video comparing footage from the Hero Naked and Hero 2.

CNet – GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoor Edition
An in depth review of the Hero 2 focusing on the Outdoor Edition package.

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