Meet the ‘Beehive’ team

In 15 days the camera rolls on my new short film Beehive (for more info on the film click here) and the team are starting to run around like mad to pull everything together in time.

I’ve been a tad quiet on the old blog as it’s been one hellova week. We held 3 days of back to back auditions, 4 call backs, an art department meeting, did location scouting, were finding crew, sourcing gear for as little as possible and in between all that about a billion meetings, phone calls and emails between director Alastair Wharton, Producer Chloe Lawrence Hartcher and myself. See more about our auditions here.

After all that we have gotten so much done. We’ve almost locked in our full cast (just waiting to hear back from a few), so I can’t share them with you just yet. But on the other hand it appears we have locked in our crew. YAY!

I tell you what, I am so lucky. These guys are the hardest working bunch around and I can’t believe the dedication and hard work they have put into this film already. Right from the moment they come on board they have each owned their role and offered their full support to do what they need to help make this film possible.

So I am proud as punch to introduce them all to you now.

Head of Departments

The core crew is made up by the Director, Cinematographer, Producer and Production Designer.
The four of us work extremely closely to try to achieve our vision, focusing primarily on our own departments but also collaborating with the other departments to compliment each aspect of the film. The cinematography wouldn’t be the same without the set dressing, the actors wouldn’t give off the same vibe without the costume choices, and none of that can come together without the guidance of the producer.

For more info about each of the HOD, check out another blog post here

Ehran Edwards

Ehran Edwards

Writer, Cinematographer and Executive Producer

A graduate of The International Film School Sydney in Cinematography,  Ehran has written & directed 14 shorts and worked as cinematographer/camera operator on over 20 projects including music video ‘Only Only’ by Brendan Maclean. Ehran is proud to have the crew on board to make her new film a success.


Alastair Wharton


In 2009, Alastair began his film career by studying Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating in 2011, he worked as 1st AD on the award-winning web series ‘SYD2030’. He was also the Director of the comedy web series ‘In Transit’.

Chloe Lawrence Hartcher

Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher


Currently studying producing at AFTRS, Chloe spent 2012 with her thumb deeply embedded in an array of projects. From web series ‘In Transit’ to the ‘Wear It Purple’ Promo and documentary, Chloe has worked wonders with her attention to detail and ability to inspire her team around her (and keep them on time.)
Chloe also worked as first AD for the principal part of the shoot.

Diva Abrahamian

Diva Abrahamian

Production Designer

The stylish and marvellous Diva is lending us her midas artistic touch as Production Designer. Diva studied at The University of Technology and has worked alongside Alastair, Ehran and Chloe on various projects including ‘In Transit’, the ‘Wear It Purple Promo’ and the soon to be released music video ‘Tonight’ by Glass Towers.

On Set Crew

Even though these guys aren’t running a department, they each are bringing a lot of prep and experience to the shoot. Meetings with the heads of their department to bring the necessary stuff to set, gear booking, hair styling etc. As much as we would like to think so, we really couldn’t make the film without these guys helping us.

Camera Department

Ryan Sommerfield

Ryan Somerfield

Steadicam Operator

Ryan graduated from Participate Film Academy and has since founded R.J Studios. He works as a Director, Cinematographer, Steadicam Owner and Operator. His most recent film ‘Pie’ took out 6 awards at the 24/7 Youth Film Festival 2012.

Tim Oxford

Tim Oxford

1st Camera Assistant

Tim graduated from Metro Screen and has recently been accepted into AFTRS cinematography course.
“Nothing excites me more than seeing the elements combine to connect with an audience and deliver a message.”

James Shepherd

James Shepherd

2nd Camera Assistant

The multi-skilled James freelances as a writer, actor, director and cinematographer. He recently performed ‘Somniloquy’, a play he co-wrote/co-starred with Pollyanna Nowicki, at Shopfront theatre. He also won best cinematography for ‘Pie’.

Dimitri Zaunders

Dimitri Zaunders


Dimitri has freelanced as a camera assistant, operator, lighting technician and director of photography both in the US and Australia. He has made a number of TVCs and worked on TV series’ such as Australian Idol and Underbelly

Art Department

Olivera Jovanoska

Olivera Jovanoska


Oli Likes work that is not only beautiful to watch but also inspires the person watching to change their life. She has worked on the Great Gatsby and various other short films alongside working on some television shows including ‘Housos’ and ‘The Cut.

Nick Plummer

Nick Plummer

Hair and Makeup

I met Nick on ‘In Transit’, a web-series directed by Alastair Wharton. We have since worked together on a soon-to-be-released music video, ‘Tonight’ for Glass Towers. Nick is currently studying a Cert IV in Makeup and Special Effects at ACMUSE.

Aidan HirnAidan Hirn

Makeup artist

Aidan Hirn worked as a makeup artist on Beehive, and was responsible for all of the gorgeous 60’s inspired looks worn by Penny (Amiee-Lee Druitt).
Aidan has worked extensively in fashion, film and theatre; on projects such as music videos for Chance Waters and X Factor act, Fourtunate, and the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, as head of makeup on the ‘Marry the Night’ finale float.
Check out more of his work at:

Sound Department

Adam NewellAdam Newell

Sound recordist

Adam is currently studying B Sound and music design at The University of Technology.



Matthew Morgan

Matthew ‘Sooty’ Morgan

Sound recordist

Having met Matthew on In Transit also, we have since worked together on a narrative short film for a couple’s wedding.
Matthew is currently studying a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design at The University of Technology and works as a freelance sound engineer.


Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson


Rebecca worked as continuity for the principal shooting period.
Hailing from Queensland, Rebecca is currently in her third semester studying screenwriting, directing and producing at The International Film School Sydney. She is just heading into pre-production for her first major project.

Michael WrayMichael Wray


Michael  stepped in as continuity for our reshoot day.
A lifelong cinephile, Michael has completed a Bachelor of Media in Film Production at Macquarie University. Aside from working as a freelance Script Supervisor on a few feature films & numerous shorts & commercials, he is also a voracious reader & collector of books on film history & film making.

Producing/ Assistant Directors

Maren SmithMaren Smith

First AD

Maren worked as First AD for the Beehive reshoot day.
Maren completed a double Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media Arts and Production) and International Studies (German) at UTS in 2011, then Film Studies at USyd in 2012. She can be heard on Eastside 89.7FM, reviewing on Cinemascape and producing arts show Something Else. Maren’s work as an assistant director includes commercial and short films with action thriller ‘Pandorian’ to be released in 2013.

Liam Egan

Liam Egan

Assistant Producer

Liam currently studies at The University of Technology and is involved in the theatre group ‘Backstage’.



Ted Crosby

Ted Crosby

Assistant Producer

Ted is an actor, writer, director and producer. The first time I met Ted I had to wrap him up in bubble wrap. Since then we have worked on a number of short films and the ‘Can’t TVC‘. Ted is a co-founder of ‘Unpathed Theatre Company’.

Well, that’s the team. Of course there are always more people involved, but I will get to them very soon. For now, these are my team. Say hello team!


stephen godfreyStephen J Godfrey

Stephen is happiest when there is a camera in his hand about to be rised to his eye. Involved in a number of art projects Stephen believes in running a client-friendly, service-oriented business where great creativity often is the result of team effort. He values working closely with clients to create powerful imagery. “Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph” – Andre Kertesz

Pollyanna NowickiPollyanna Nowicki

Pollyanna is an international award winning actor of the stage and screen.
With skills in physical theatre, singing, accents, directing, writing, videography and photography.
Pollyanna recently featured in ATYP stage production ‘TEASE’ and is soon to grace the stage again in Shakespeare’s ‘Timon of Athens‘.

Also check out our INCREDIBLE CAST here.

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“With my head in the stars, a twinkle in my eye and a love for cinema and nostalgia, filmmaking is a fun, creative way to express myself.” 


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