Introducing “Beehive” A new short film by Ehran Edwards

About 6 weeks ago I hinted that I had just finished a new script. I couldn’t believe that I had been out of film school over a year, and though I had worked on so many projects, I hadn’t started my own.

I was a little slow off the starting line getting it going, but I am super thrilled to let you know that IT’S OFFICIALLY HAPPENING! ‘Beehive’ is now in Pre-production.

I have found the best team to work on this production and I am very excited about where it is heading. We plan to film in early February and right off the back of Christmas we have all been working so hard to pull it off within the 6 weeks before we shoot.

Beehive temp logo

About the film.

‘Beehive’ is an exciting new Australian short film written by Cinematographer Ehran Edwards, directed by Alastair Wharton and Produced by Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher.

An emotionally repressed girl hides behind her sexuality, but when confronted with an honest reflection of her short-comings, she is pushed to admit her desire for intimacy

Colourful, alluring, sexy and vulnerable, this visually stylized, character driven film is inspired by European cinema and a love of the 1960s youth, freedom and energy.

Meet the AMAZING team

‘Beehive’ is the third collaborative effort between Alastair Wharton, Ehran Edwards, Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher and Diva Abrahamian. After meeting during the making of hit web-series ‘In Transit’, the team then went on to make a short documentary and Promo for ‘Wear It Purple’ and have joined forces again for their first short film together.

These are just the head honchos though. The film couldn’t possibly be made with just us. We are also joined by a huge team of dedicated people filling in roles such as sound, camera assist, steadicam, grip, continuity, makeup, costume, catering (very important) and editing. Once everyone is locked in I’ll let you know.

Ehran Edwards ~ Writer, Cinematographer & Executive Producer

Ehran Edwards Beehive

A graduate of The International Film School Sydney in Cinematography and The Canberra Institute of technology in Media Production, Ehran has written & directed 14 shorts and worked as cinematographer/camera operator on over 20 projects. Her music video ‘Only Only’ by Brendan Maclean was ‘Indie Clip of the Week’ on Rage 2012. Ehran is proud to have the crew on board to make her new film a success.

Alastair Wharton ~ Director

Alastair Wharton

In 2009, Alastair began his film career by studying Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he wrote and directed the short film ‘Cycles’. After finishing studying in 2011, he worked as 1st AD on the award-winning web series ‘SYD2030’. He was also the Director of the comedy web series ‘In Transit’.

Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher ~ Producer and First AD

Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher

Currently studying producing at AFTRS, Chloe spent 2012 with her thumb deeply embedded in an array of projects. From 8-part web series ‘In Transit’, futuristic short film ‘Chart Star‘ to the ‘Wear It Purple’ Promo and documentary for supporting youth, Chloe has worked wonders with her attention to detail and ability to inspire her team around her (and keep them on time.)

Diva Abrahamian ~ Production Designer

Diva Abrahamian

The stylish and marvellous Diva is lending us her midas artistic touch as Production Designer. Diva studied at The University of Technology and has worked alongside Alastair, Ehran and Chloe on various projects including ‘In Transit’, the ‘Wear It Purple Promo’ and the soon to be released music video ‘Tonight’ by Glass Towers.

Making a movie


For 6 weeks the team will be scouting locations, locking in gear, drawing story boards, scheduling, casting and rehearsing (including learning to dance). It’s a busy time and I am positively overwhelmed by all the hard work that everyone has put into getting the ball rolling so quickly (especially over the holiday season). We have just locked in our storyboard and are looking forward to the first meeting with the art department to discuss the visual concepts and possibilities. We currently have a call out for actors and are psyched to start the auditioning process next week.


Shooting is over 3 days, the second weekend of February. It will be a tight shoot but we are working hard now to try to make it run as smooth as possible.
Filming will be in the Sydney area.

Post Production

Once the filming has wrapped, the footage then heads off to an editor, sound designer and colour grader to polish it off. After which we hope to get the final film in festivals.

It’s shaping up to be a fun film. I can’t wait to show it to you. In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted on our progress.
Wish us luck!

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