Beehive in the media – Australian Cinematographer Magazine

Cinematographer Ehran EdwardsGreat news everyone!
I am absolutely proud as punch to share my article about ‘Beehive’ that was recently printed in the Australian Cinematographers Magazine! Woohoo! (Even though they spelled my name wrong hehehe – the perks of having a unique name!)

Aimee-lee DruettBeehive is a short film (written by yours truly) that I worked on as cinematographer and executive producer. The film was shot in February and March over 4 days and has since been in post production where I have been working closely with the director Alastair Wharton and editor Alana Greig to get picture lock off and move the film into sound design.

We have been so happy with how the film has been shaping up and all the support that we have had from the cast and crew as well as our online audience on Beehives official film page (check it out here).
If you would like to read more about the making of Beehive have a look at some of the behind the scenes blog posts I have been doing.

Australian Cinematographer MagazineThe Australian Cinematograph Magazine is a quarterly journal from The Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS), a magazine for cinematographers by cinematographers.
The ACS is a professional society dedicated to the craft of cinematography in the Australian Film, Television & Production Industry. So, as you can imagine, I am over the moon to have this film featured in such a distinguished magazine which is read by filmmakers and cinematographers all around Australia. It’s a great opportunity.

Nicola DaleyI want to especially thank Nicola Daley, an Australian Cinematographer, who I met in late 2011 to discuss stepping out of film school and starting out as a freelance cinematographer. At the time she gave me some great advice (which you can see here) and I have since crossed paths with her on set and at many film related events.
A few months ago Nicola, who is an associate editor for the AC Magazine, heard about ‘Beehive’ from my film page and asked me whether I would like to write a piece for the magazine. Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

If you would like to read the magazine and see the article in high-resolution you can view/download the whole issue here: Issue 58 Australian Cinematographer Magazine.

Thanks again to everyone for their interest and support in the project. It has been so encouraging. We can’t wait to show you it once it’s finished.

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Ehran Edwards ACS Magazine article on Beehive

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