One Week In

My first week of being a full time freelancer has been an interesting one. Aside from the challenge of working from home when I don’t have a job booked and not getting sucked into pottering around the house I have found it both intimidating and exciting.


Martin Williams on set of “Walter”

Amazingly I have achieved a lot. This week I got on board my first feature film as Director of Photography. The film “You Said Something” is written by Martin Williams who will be directing and acting the lead role in the film. Martin and I have worked together on a number of short films over the years including shooting the promotional films for his last feature “The Margin of Things”.
I am so thrilled at the opportunity to shoot a feature and am excited about the style and framework we are aiming at filming it within.

Directed by Andrew Bennett, Lighting by Lucy Vec

Ted Crosby as “Walter”

I also met up with Director Andrew Bennett to discuss the post production of a short film, “Walter“, which we worked on a few years ago (where I actually met Martin Williams) to try and get it out to festivals as I think it really is a gorgeous little film.

With all the creative juices flowing this week with the talk of a new film and finishing up another I was inspired to start writing my very first feature film script. I’ve had the idea for awhile and was so thrilled to have made a start. I managed to knock out the first 30 pages and am keen to get a first draft finished soon. I’ll let you know how I go.

Through the viewfinder, on set this week

I also worked on a few shoots as a camera operator and it was great to reconnect with some familiar faces and to make new connections.

So it’s been a very busy week!

On the other hand having a blank calendar, free from routine part time shifts and sitting at home makes me wonder what am I doing? How am I going?
It’s easy to become worried that time is passing by, after all I finished film school 4 years ago and I’m just sitting at my desk in my bedroom rather than shooting that amazing European style-out of this world feature I’ve dreamt of all my life…..

el_ojo_que_todo_lo_ve_838602060_480xI was sent this link today. It’s an article about Director of Photography Javier Aguirresarobe (Blue Jasmine, Vicki Christina Barcelona, The Twilight Saga) and his journey to success.
The article was a little reminder that all good things come in time and that I needn’t worry about how much time is passing.
On a side note I particularly liked how he said “when the story moves you, it motivates you to add your own personality to the images.” 

So though I might currently be sipping a cup of Lady Grey tea and at my computer I’m actually incredibly busy and should probably appreciate the down time more as it gives me a chance to write, regroup and read up about the world of cinematography and all the exciting tools out there.

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