Sneak Peek – Brendan Maclean ‘Stupid’ Tour

Brendan MacleanFor those who have been following for a while, you may have noticed that I have a lot of live gigs photography from Brendan Maclean; Musician, Triple J presenter and actor who also recently got a major role in Baz Luhmans ‘The Great Gatsby‘.

My boyfriend, Andrew Bennett is a guitarist in his band and so I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform a lot over the last 2 years (Check out my live gigs photo album to see past shows). We even had the joy of making a music video, directed by Andrew and filmed by myself for Brendans single ‘Only Only’ (See below)

Last Friday, after touring Brisbane and Melbourne, Brendan brought his ‘Stupid’ tour (named after his recent single ‘Stupid’ from his upcoming album) to Sydneys Factory Theatre in Marrickville. The audience was packed like sardines and was a keen bunch of fans, many of whom had seen Brendan before and had supported him in his recent crowd funding campaign to make his new album. So the room was filled with energy and excitement.

Miss LittleMiss Little opened the show with her new collection of songs, supported by Elana Stone and Katie Whiton. Her angelic and powerful voice pierced the silence of the entranced audience. The morbid and dramatic nature of her new collection of songs keep you hanging on every word as you lap up the beautifully detailed stories. This was the third time I had seen Miss Little and her band and I must say I was no less captivated by her emotional performance, I can’t wait to see her again.

Brendan then burst onto the stage wearing a loud navy blue suit and erupted into his opening number surrounded by his band, Andy Nicholls (violin), Lee Carey (drums) and Andrew Bennett (electric guitar). The audience cheered him on, song after song, burst into laughter at his every joke and loudly welcomed his ukelele ‘Murphy Brown’ to stage upon cue. Brendans set was dynamic, from crowd pleasing rock pop numbers, to intimate solo moments including a stunning duet with Miss Little called ‘Just Growing Up’.

The time came for Brendan to officially launch his new single ‘Stupid’ in Sydney. Brendan proudly introduced the number by declaring his joy that the new music video for the song has received over 80,000 views it’s first week, the first of Brendans videos to receive more views than his cover of Rebecca Blacks ‘Friday’ (Click here to watch his cover) (a fact that made him very very happy.) Brendan was then joined by sydney musician Annaliese Szota, who leant her amazing dancing talents (as seen in Brendans cover of ‘Friday’) to the performance. It was a showstopper!

The band returned to the stage to bring the house down, building to the final song ‘Winner’, a song to celebrate Brendan reaching his crowd funding goal to make an album.

Everyone was psyched and left wanting more. Brendan delivered with a classic from his first EP ‘White Canvas’.

Overall it was a night to remember. I was squirming in my seat, just itching to dance. Having seen so many of his performances, I was still blown away by the music and the chemistry of the evening. There was just something in the air.

I’ll soon be releasing some stills from the night very soon, but in the mean time here is a small sample.

Brendan Maclean at The Factory TheatreMusic Video ‘Stupid’

Music Video ‘Only Only’

Directed by Andrew Bennett.
Cinematography by Ehran Edwards

See my blog post about the making of the ‘Only Only’ music video here

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