Brendan Maclean ‘Stupid’ at The Factory Theatre

Yesterday I wrote my first gig review EVER. I had just seen Brendan Maclean play the final show of his ‘Stupid’ tour which was launching his new single ‘Stupid’. The song is super catchy and the show was amazing. You can check both the song and review here.
If you like it you can download ‘Stupid’ here.

As promised I wanted to share with you some photos I took of the evening as it has been quite a while since I did any gig photography as, to be honest, I wasn’t spending as much time enjoying the show with my friends. So this time I split my time in half. I picked my songs that I would snap and joined my friends for the others so overall I still was able to thoroughly enjoy the fantastic show that it was. (See live photography of Brendan Maclean that I’ve taken here – Live Performance photography portfolio)

For those interested in camera specs, I shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-105 f4 lens. So as you can imagine, it was difficult with low light to really get great photos without too much motion blur or grain. So I opted for moments and hope you enjoy seeing some of the moments from the night.

Miss Little opened the show with her two lovely ladies Elana Stone and Katie Whiton. Brendan Maclean was joined by his band, Andrew Bennett, Lee Carey and Andy Nicholls with special guest Annaliese Szota

So, without any further ado, I give you my photos from Brendan Macleans ‘Stupid’ tour, live from The Factory Theatre.
For more photos from the evening, be sure to check out the album on my Facebook page Ehran Edwards.

Miss Little, Elana Stone, Katie Whiton

Miss Little

Fan James Leahy watches Miss Little

Brendan Maclean

Brendan Maclean, Andy Nicholls, Miss Little, Lee Carey and Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett

Brendan Maclean

Brendan Maclean

Miss Little




Brendan Maclean and Annaliese Szota

Brendan Maclean

Brendan Maclean and Murphy Brown

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