Glass Towers ‘Tonight’ Official Music Video

Glass TowersDecember 2012 I was staying at my Grandmothers for a much needed break before a fortnight of back to back filming of various film projects.
In the lead up to Tropfests submission deadline I was very very busy. Which was great. I was so excited to see people pushing themselves that little extra to make a short film just for the sake of trying to get in. It encouraged me to work harder and to stop making excuses (6 weeks later I filmed my own short film ‘Beehive‘). I was so motivated.

So one rainy evening at Nans I got a call from Richard Wilson asking me to DOP a new music video that he had in the works.
It had been awhile since I had done a music video and so my ears instantly stood at alert. I knew that I was busy, but after hearing about the project, I couldn’t refuse.

Collarbone JungleRichard told me about the band, Glass Towers, who were up and comers and were having some success in festivals and wanted to make a clip for their new single ‘Tonight’ off their EP ‘Collarbone Jungle’.
The young band of 4 early twenties guys wanted a video that captured youth as carefree, ten foot tall and bullet proof. Showing a life without responsibility or obligation over the course of a night on the town. The video was to feel raw and real, as if we were right there with them.

I was so excited. Here was a chance for me to try something new. I had never tried anything so grungy, loose and carefree in it’s shooting style. I knew I was in new waters but was very excited about the possibilities. I felt this was an opportunity to go wild, let loose on the camera and the lighting and to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Richard then explained we had 10 days of pre before we had to start shooting. OH MY GOODNESS! I told him right then and there that he HAD to bring Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher on board as producer. Of all the people I know that can make something happen in an instant without any stuffing around, Chloe was the girl for the job.

Glass Towers still

The following 10 days were chaos. I was terribly busy on set each day. I worked on a feature, 2 short films for Tropfest, shot 2 featurettes for an upcoming feature film and was also meant to be entertaining my poor Grandmother who didn’t understand what I was doing at all.
It was utter chaos. Between Richard (the director), Chloe and I we certainly had our ups and downs in trying to bring together a video with such a high concept in an incredibly short amount of time.
We had so much to organise; We had a huge amount of difficult locations to find and secure permission for (not to mention that we wanted to let off a flare in public, so had to clear that). We needed a tonne of extras, an array of gear had to be arranged (we only just got it all locked in before the shoot – Thanks Ted).
Ehran Edwards filming Glass Towers music videoI found myself texting under the table while trying to have a cup of tea with Nan. There were late night phone meetings to discuss the shooting style, lighting and shot lists.  Toilet breaks on set were a chance to check an email or call up metro screen for a gear quote. It was very tight.

Finally the time had come. We had pulled together a fantastic crew of people, mostly people that Chloe and I had worked with in the past, that we knew could handle the run and gun style shoot this was going to be. We knuckled down for 2 days and just kept pushing to get through each set up. It was definitely one of the more hectic shoots I’ve done and time was not on our side.
Somehow we did it though. I can’t be more thankful for the team that we had. It was a hard shoot for everyone, but without each person, it wouldn’t have been possible. So thank you everyone. You were amazing.

So without any further ado, I am proud to give you Glass Towers ‘Tonight’.

Glass Towers ‘Tonight’ Official Music Video


Writer, Director & Editor – Richard Wilson
Producer & First Assistant Director – Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher
Director of Photography – Ehran Edwards
Production Designer – Diva Abrahamian
Key Makeup artist – Nick Plummer
Make up Artist – Aidan Hirn
1st Camera Assistant – Tim Oxford
2nd Assistant Camera – Babak Karimi
Unit Manager – Geordie Casey

Glasstowers – Themselves
Blonde young lady – Amanda Griffiths
Brunette young lady – Victoria Allen
Young Man – Tom Nauta
Glass Towers friends – Themselves

The producer and director wish to thank Sean aka ‘the dude’, World Bar Kings Cross, Rent-A-Cam, Ted Crosby and Geordie Casey.

Behind the scenes

For a behind the scenes look at the video, here is a short teaser trailer edited by the director in the lead up to the release of the video.

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