The Margin Of Things Pozible Campaign

The Margin Of Things

Hey everyone,

Well you may recall a few weeks back I shared a sampler of a new feature film, ‘The Margin Of Things’ that I am working on. (If not – check out deets here)

Well, I’m very excited to announce that it is now time for us to bring our film to life. So today the team launched their new Pozible campaign to try and raise the much-needed funds to make this movie.

I am part of a collection of around 40 very talented people who are collaborating to make this great new Sydney-based Crime/Comedy feature film which will be shot in February/March. (Expect me to be a little frazzled around this time as I will also me shooting my short film ‘Beehive’)

The new Pozible campaign is designed to ‘Crowd Fund’ the film. It’s a great way for people to get on board projects like ours and contribute – but – with that contribution being rewarded with tangable gifts, such as copies of the film, th CD soundtrack, the script, tickets to the premiere etc, etc.

You can choose how much you contribute to us, and you can also track how we are travelling in terms of reaching our goal. It is excitig times for us as a group, and we are over the moon to be in this position.

Ehran Edwards DOP and director Andrew Bennett on set TMOT samplerAs I mentioned, our campaign went live today. It will go for 21 days. We need to raise $8000 to make the film as a bare minimum, of course any more than that will add to the production value and help make it an even better success. Every little bit helps.

The campaign is located on the POZIBLE site:
Check out The Margin Of Things website
Follow The Margin of Things on Facebook
We are aiming quite high, but we are extremely confident in our abilities
to make a very good film, and I’m sure you be proud of what we make.

By Ehran Edwards

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