Blood Moon – Unpathed Theatre Company

Unpathed Theatre Company logoUnpathed Theatre Company are a new independent Sydney company who are dedicated to creating theatre to connect with their community and other artists. Inspired by writing that exposes truths and the human condition, Unpatheds first production, “Blood Moon” written by Nicholas Kazan, is the perfect example of that.

Directed by Christopher Stollery, Blood Moon is based on a true story, yet is as dark as any Shakespearean or Greek tragedy that ever was!

To bring their first production to the stage, the team, comprised of Ted Crosby, Victoria Beck, Vashti Pontaks, and Leah Russell are trying to raise some dough. Check out their pozible campaign to see how you can help.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Manya a 19 year old student comes to the city to visit her only surviving family member, Uncle Gregory. She finds herself in the apartment of Gregory’s suave, cynical and charismatic friend Alan. Alan is unashamedly attracted to Manya and she is in turn fascinated and intrigued by this seemingly sophisticated yet candid older man. Once alone with Alan he cleverly entices her into his clutches and attacks her, taking her innocence with him. A year passes, no one has seen each other since that night in Alan’s apartment. Manya comes forth to tell her story, claim her power and have the final say!

Unpathed Theatre Company team

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