The Margin Of Things Sampler #1

The Margin of Things slateIt’s insane that I haven’t yet shared this particular project with you yet, I’m so excited!

I recently signed on to work as First Assistant camera for a new independent feature film, “The Margin Of Things”, which follows “Two friends in desperate need of change in their lives who decide to do something drastic about their situation – and when they do, things go from bad to worse in a heartbeat.”

Prior to shooting the feature, I was asked to film two samplers which are to be used to showcase the upcoming film as well as assist in the crowd funding campaign which will be launched after Christmas.

‘The Margin Of Things’ film

‘The Margin of Things’ is an exciting new Australian film by WIST Media. Directed by Andrew Bennett and written by Martin Williams, the character-driven film has a fresh new take on the crime/comedy genre and looks to be a fantastic direction after it’s success as a play on the Sydney stage.

The film follows Bryan (played by Paul-William Mahwinney) who is struggling to make ends meet after inheriting his father debt after his passing. Bryan, who lives on the straight and narrow, is thrown a quick-fix opportunity by best mate Mark (Martin Williams). Bryan spills the plan to his friend Joe (Radek Jonak), a newly released ex-con, who wants in. The unlikely trio set out one night to put their plan in action.

The Margin Of Things is currently in Pre-production. The shoot commences February 2013.

The Samplers

On set still. Ehran Edwards shadow as she sets up a shot of Joe (Radek Jonak)In the lead up to the shoot, ‘The Margin Of things’ team decided to make 2 samplers to give people an insight into the film to help with marketing and crowd funding.

At the last-minute I was asked to step in as cinematographer for the two samplers. It was a big job prepping everything in just 2 weeks, but in the end (though ridiculously exhausted) we pulled it all together and had a very successful shoot.

We shot them back to back mid November. The team was a joy to work with. We had 3 packed days to get everything done and the crew all worked very hard to get it done.  It was especially wonderful to join a crew at the last-minute and for them to be so welcoming and open to my ideas and needs.

I am so grateful to have had such a supportive crew around me and am extremely thankful to everyone who helped me out with gear and on set. It wouldn’t be the same without your help. Thank you so much.

Sampler #1 – Bryan and Mark

The first sampler was released today.

Hours before Bryan and Mark set out to put their plan in action they discuss the fine details. They are soon interrupted and realise that it may not be as simple as they had hoped.


Director – Andrew Bennett
Producer – Scott Vickery
Associate Producer – David Pike
Cinematographer – Ehran Edwards
Production Manager – Richard Redman
First Assistant director – Chris Villamar
Art Direction – Merryn Schofield
Camera assistants – Matt Harris and Tim Oxford
Grip – Uiva Logoifiti
Sound – Andrew Hayak
Continuity – Michael Wray
Make-up and Hair – Sharna Garton
Editor – Andrew Bennett
Sound Design – Adam Wood
Music – “I will Deliver” – Joel Sarakula
Written by Martin Williams


Bryan – Paul-William Mawhinney
Mark – Martin Williams
Joe – Radek Jonak
Alana – Michelle Pastor
Trent – Alexander Ritchard
Bartender – David Pike

Special thanks to Ted Crosby, Julien Chichignoud and Adrian Tan who kindly leant us gear for the shoot. I appreciate it so much. You are all wonderful.

The Margin Of Things Poster

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