Wear It Purple Documentary – Giving Rainbow People A Voice

Wow, what a week. TWO productions I worked on have been launched, I’m so thrilled.

The first was the 5th episode on ‘In Transit’, a web-series which I worked on earlier in the year as a camera assist and focus puller. Check out the ‘In Transit’ episodes here.

The second is a documentary that I worked on as cinematographer for Wear It Purple this month.

Wear It Purple

Wear It Purple are an inspiring youth organisation that’s key purpose is to support GLBTIQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) youth.
They exists in order to raise public awareness on the issues surrounding rainbow youth suicide. Run by students, they aim to stop the ignorance, bullying and suicides.

They have a simple message: “You have the right to be proud of who you are”.

Wear It Purple Documentary

The documentary was made in time for Mental Health month (October). It was an opportunity to promote the positive mental health of all people. This documentary aims to show rainbow young people that they are loved, respected and never alone.

I had a lot of fun working on this doco. We kept the crew to a minimum, traveled about the city and kept the coverage simple. I was impressed by the amount of video submissions we received, so many that unfortunately not all of them could be included in the final cut of the doco.

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making this documentary.


Director: Alastair Wharton
Cinematography: Ehran Edwards
Producer: Chlow Lawrence-Hartcher
Executive Producer: Jayde Ellis
Editors: Sleena Wilson and Robert Hutchinson
Composer: Stephanie Papapavlou
Featuring: Kate McGraw, Joshua Han, Amy McBurney, Tom Poberezny-Lynch, William Fawcett and Aiden Hirn

Wear It Purple Promo

Earlier in the year I also filmed a short promo for them in the lead up to Wear It Purple day in September. Here it is again. For more info about the promo visit a previous post I made: ‘Wear It Purple Promo 2012’

Visit the Wear It Purple website here: http://wearitpurple.org/
Like Wear It Purple on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearitpurple

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