Quote of the Day #8 – The Struggle of A Filmmaker and Ira Glass

At the beginning of the year I was starting to question my decision to go quit a regular job and work full-time as a freelance cinematographer/camera assist.

It was around January/February. Things had been very quiet over Christmas and they didn’t pick up very quickly afterwards. It dawned on me that I was desperately seeking work and had very few contacts and opportunities to get some.

I think it was at this point that I started doing an Internship with The Australian Film Festival. I needed to do something with my time or I would go crazy.

I was worried. I was spending three days a week volunteering for the festival and job offers were trickling in. What was the point of 4 1/2 years of study if I couldn’t get a job afterwards?
I applied for everything under the sun, but it made little difference. I wanted my situation to change NOW.

It was about then that someone sent me this video which is an audio grab/quote by Ira Glass.
Even though the video didn’t find me work or tell me how to survive as a freelancer, it made me very so much better in my situation. It reassured me that this was very normal. That I just had to stick with it and that EVERYONE in a creative industry goes through a similar time when they are just starting out.

I thought I would share it with you, in the hope that it helps make you feel better like it did for me.

Ira Glass On Being Creative


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