In Transit – Episode 5

Yay, Episode 5 is here. Are you enjoying the show so far? We are just over the halfway mark. Things are starting to get pretty tense.

Episode 5 was a fun watch for me as most of the scenes I was watching for the first time. For most part of the episodes we have seen so far I was involved in the filming for. So as exciting as it was to be on set and see the magic behind making each scene, it was nice to watch a new episode and be almost completely unaware of what to expect. I felt like a real audience member! Yay.
Check it out below.

If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes you can view them by clicking the following links.

In Transit

In Transit the comedy web series follows the ups and downs of the lives of a group of 20-somethings.
The series was written by Madeleine Butler and Thulaisi S and directed by Alastair Wharton.

Previous Episodes

In Transit Trailer

In Transit’ the comedy web series follows the ups and downs of the lives of four twenty something ‘boys’; Caesar, Marcus, Arj and Matt and their friends Maya and Yvonne. The series begins at a time when all the boys are figuring out what it is they really want to do with their lives and the girls are left wondering where they fit in with all these changes.

Episode 1 & 2

In episode 1, we meet the four friends: Caesar, Arj, Marcus and Matt. It seems their peers are getting ahead of them in life. And is Caesar’s job getting in the way of a true passion?

In episode 2, Matt and Caesar have interesting takes on choosing wedding flowers and Arj and Marcus show their flair at picking up girls, but does Marcus have someone else on his mind?

Episode 3

In episode 3, Caesar and Arj hold a costume party, featuring crushes, potential drug problems and a difficult ex.

Episode 4

In episode 4, Matt and Marcus find themselves in sticky situations. Arj is annoyed with Caesar, who discovers exactly what being “ethnic” means in the acting world.

This weeks episode

Episode 5

In episode 5, Matt encounters more wedding problems. Things take a turn for Marcus and Maya and Caesar and Yvonne.

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