In Transit – Episode 3

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the first two episodes of ‘In Transit’, a 6-part web series that I worked as camera assist on earlier this year. If you’ve missed them, you can check them out here – “In Transit is launched! Episode 1 & 2

I am thrilled to share this weeks instalment with you.
This particular part of the shoot was one of my favourite times on set ‘In Transit’. I felt that at this point the crew had gotten use to working together and we were starting to feel like a little family.

We took over this particular house for about 3 days. We shot some of the day scenes from episode 2 here, which went well, but when it came to shooting this particular episode, where most of it is set outside at night, it was freezing!

It was the middle of winter and everyone was rugged up in big coats to try and stay warm. Unfortunately, the cast and extras had to brave the chill. With many of the girls wearing dresses for the episode, they were constantly making a mad dash for coats in between takes.

One of my favourite moments was about 10pm and most of the cast and crew were running on the spot, trying to warm up before the next take. I can’t wait to share that video…

Regardless of the weather, it was a lot of fun to work on this episode. I even have a very short appearance as an extra. See if you can spot me.

Episode 3

In episode 3, Caesar and Arj hold a costume party, featuring crushes, potential drug problems and a difficult ex.

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