Quote for the day #6 – What You have & Graeme Beck

I was working alongside Director Of Photography Graeme Beck today as his camera assist. We were filming an interview.

The talent was late. So we got talking about gear, work and what not. Eventually we got on the topic of feature films. He was making a point about someone he knew that had made a 60 minute film and couldn’t see how that would be of any use to the director. What can you do with a 60 minute film? It’s not long enough to be a feature, and too long to put in any short film festivals.

Then he said something which shook me to the core. He meant it regarding all departments; directing, producing, cinematography – everything.

“You’ve got nothing if you haven’t done a feature.”
~ Graeme Beck

What he meant was, if you are starting out in a career in filmmaking then you better get yourself some solid experience. Without having worked on a feature, you will find it difficult to get hired.

Well, that changed my day. And then some.


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