Sound Issues on set

You know that it is always a risk when you arrange to film in the city. In general, Sydney is a terrible place to film because if you aren’t under a flight path there’s traffic, construction, music – regardless what it is, it will ruin the sound you are trying to record or at the very least delay your shoot while you wait for the guy with the leaf blower to stop.

Yesterday was no different.

A small team of 3, Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher – Producer, Alastair Wharton – director and myself – director of photography,  headed out to Martin Place in Sydney City to film a few cutaways for the new Wear It Purple documentary we were working on which will be released shortly for Mental Health month.

When we arrived we discovered hundreds of people swarming a newly erected stage. Martin Place was packed. People were trying to peek at what was going on. We soon realised that new international sensation Psy was doing a performance of his hit ‘Gangnam Style‘.

So we set up to do our shots which thankfully didn’t have any dialogue. But each time we attempted to get atoms we couldn’t avoid the screams and pulsing beat of Gangnam Style.

We had a look around to see hundreds of people doing the famous Gangnam dace steps. Never have I seen anything like it.

This morning I found a clip from his performance yesterday which was for Channel 7s “Sunrise’. Check out to see what we were up against.


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