In Transit is launched!!! Episode 1 & 2

In June earlier this year I was asked if I would be interested in coming on board to help out for a few days on a little shoot that was starting up later that month.
I didn’t have anything planned and figured ‘Why not?’. I didn’t know anyone that was involved and hadn’t heard much about the production at that point.
Because of this, I was a bit wary. I was worried that I had agreed to work on a shoot that could turn out to be organised terribly, a bad script, unfriendly crew, inexperienced crew or most worrying- a student production.

Needless to say, the first moment I stepped on to set all these worries instantly vanished from mind when I realised it was the biggest and most professionally run shoot I had worked on to date. So instead of doing a few days, I ended up as many days as I could. It was such an enjoyable shoot. The production was well planned, the shoot went smoothly and the team were fantastic. I am so glad I was a part of it.

For more about me working on In Transit, check out my blog post ‘Working as a Camera Assistant on In Transit‘.

A few weeks ago the trailer was released in the lead up to the launch yesterday. Boy I was excited.

Since working on In Transit I have had the joy of working with many of the crew on a variety of other projects. I am constantly in touch with many of the people I met and feel we have become a little family now.

So it gives me great pleasure to share the first two episodes with you now.

In Transit will be releasing a new episode every week.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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