9 Points I Learned Editing 9 videos

My weekend was no ordinary weekend. I had 9 videos to edit. I’m now on the other side of the long weekend (long because of a public holiday but ALSO from the hours staring at a computer screen) and I have realised a few things.

9 Points I learned Editing 9 videos

1. Absolutely everything is a possible distraction and therefore bad.
I have mostly discovered this through house chores. Normally, I am a tad relaxed about housework, but when I have lots of editing to do, I find the house is shortly spic and span.
I’m not sure what the lesson is here. Perhaps, if you are going to procrastinate, make sure its beneficial for you.

2.  A slow internet connection is a blessing and a curse.
Slow internet is good because you can’t distract yourself downloading videos on Youtube, however it means downloading files for your work is a nightmare. Thankfully I’ve had a number of projects to switch between so I can continue working while I wait. But if this wasn’t the case I would most certainly be tearing my hair out at this point.

3. A visit to my Grandmas’ is a lifesaver.
Just when I was almost finished all my editing, an unexpected visit with Nan washed away all my stress and anxiety. I had realised that I had taken no breaks (except to clean dishes and tidy) and found myself instantly rejuvenated. My work from this point on was done much more efficiently (Having less dirty dishes also helped)

4. A cockroach put my life in perspective
I had a mexican stand-off with a roach that I discovered yesterday. It was the biggest I had seen in the house yet. The roach was on a tea-cup, much to my dismay, which made it impossible to squash. I knew I couldn’t just leave it there, but I had to get back to work.
I suddenly became aware of how girly I was being. I had spent the whole weekend tuned into my computer, an absolute zombie, and here i was flailing tongs about, worried the cockroach would fly at my face and cover me in germs and diseases. I grabbed the cup and vaulted the cockroach out the window.
I was glad to have stopped taking my time so seriously and had a good laugh. It made it much easier to return to my computer and keep working.

5. Leaving your phone at home is a bad thing.
Last week I enjoyed a marvellous dinner with my boyfriend because we decided not to take our phones. That was a good thing.
Today, I had to drop off some edits and left my phone at home. I had about 3 hours of travel time where I could have made calls (hands free of course). Instead I returned home to a phone swamped with missed calls and texts of people frantically trying to get in touch with me.
That was a bummer indeed.

6. Forgetting to export when you are away from the computer is stupid
Not only did I forget my phone, but I also forgot to set a video up to export. I blame this lack of thought on the caffeine turning my brain to mush. Nonetheless, had I done that I would have saved myself 5 hours later today. I will never make that mistake again.

7. Caffeine inducing drinks can only take you so far before you become a zombie and completely useless.
Waking up tired is never a good thing. Waking up tired because you stayed up editing and have a whole day of editing ahead of you is worse. Unfortunately it happens. Initially had lots of coffee and chocolate and stuff. But I woke up the next morning feeling dreadful. Today I ate super healthy and had no caffeine. Surprisingly, I’ve worked better. Perhaps the lack of caffeine has helped me be less silly and more focused. Regardless, I feel healthier and less like a zombie.

8. Blogging is extremely addictive and quite possible my biggest enemy when I have work to do.
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I love blogging. I do it whenever I get the chance. Though sometimes, it really isn’t at the top of my priorities list. I was so tempted to write all about the ARRI Alexa this morning. I did a whole bunch of research and got started. But thankfully, I  somehow snapped myself out of it. If I do a post about gear or a tutorial, it takes me at least half a day. It would have been so bad! Blogging is not always the best thing to do.

9. I’m a slow learner.
You would think, that as I am blogging now I must have finished my work. But you are wrong. I’m not always on my best behaviour. One day, I will learn and get through my work without having to face off all these obstacles. But then, I would have nothing to write about. How boring.

I know it seems these are all rather vague lessons here. Here is, perhaps, a more concise way of looking at my stories.
1. Prioritise jobs.
2. Fast internet and self-control are the best case scenario when working.
3. Make time to relax and be social, it helps.
4. Don’t be a grump when you have to do other important things than work.
5. Don’t make silly mistakes that cost you valuable time.
6. Don’t make more silly mistakes that cost you more valuable time.
7. Eating junk doesn’t help you work better
8. Know your weaknesses and tackle them face on.
9. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get things done the way you wanted. You’re only human. There’s plenty of opportunities to improve.
And one more for good luck – 10. Make sure you have insect spray.

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