Quote for the Day #4 – Culture and Cinematic Adventure with Pedro Almodovar

I’m starting my blogging super early today. It’s just before 6am, which anyone who knows me would know that I haven’t gotten up early, but stayed up all night.

I wanted to start the day with a quote I heard from an interview with Pedro Almodovar for ‘Volver’.

“The idea of abandoning my own culture and language is very difficult for me, because they’re the ones I know the best. I am afraid I will lose intensity and life by transferring to another culture. 
Though, I think of it as a new experience, to leave my own environment, as part of a cinematic and personal adventure.”
– Pedro Almodovar
I found this quote completely inspiring. It makes me want to tell stories from my guts. It also makes me question why I dream of making films in other countries so much, when others wouldn’t even consider it.

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