In Transit – The Trailer

A few months ago I worked on set a new web series called ‘In Transit’. It was one of the best on set experiences I’ve had to date. I worked alongside an amazing crew as a camera assistant.

Yesterday the trailer was released for the series. I was so excited to see it as much of the footage is from days that I worked on the production. It was so rewarding to get a glimpse of how everyones work has turned out.

I hope you enjoy it. In Transits first two episodes will be released October 7, 2012. The following episodes will be posted weekly.

For more about the shoot and my experience as camera assist – check out my post ‘Working as Camera Assist on In Transit‘.

In Transit – The Trailer

‘In Transit’ the comedy web series follows the ups and downs of the lives of four twenty something ‘boys’; Caesar, Marcus, Arj and Matt and their friends Maya and Yvonne. The series begins at a time when all the boys are figuring out what it is they really want to do with their lives and the girls are left wondering where they fit in with all these changes.

Music by Joseph Dennis, ‘The Younger Crowd’.

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