Filming The Veronicas at 2Dayfms Hot 30 Countdown

Last week I was contacted at the absolute last minute to shoot a radio session of the Hot 30 Countdown at 2Day fm.

That nights guests were Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, or more famously known –  The Veronicas.

Hot 30 hosts, Matty and Mel, interviewed the twins about their time off from recording, their new music video and how much they needed a break from one another.

Following this the girls had their ‘Twin powers’ put to the test in ‘TWINTUITION’. Where one twin hid and the other had to find her. The speed of her finding the other was thought to be a test of the bond the two girls share as twins.

<p><a href=”″>Filming The Veronicas at 2Dayfms’ Hot 30 Countdown</a> from <a href=””>Ehran Edwards</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here are the links to the full length videos:

 Matty and Mel interview the sisters.

‘Twintuition’ Challenge.

The crew were super giddy to be talking to The twins. Following their interview and test it was photos galore, everyone wanting to pose with the girls. I’m too cool for that – I just blog about it later 😛

Jessica and Lisa were absolutely lovely. Especially considering how little sleep they had had. The three of us had a nice little chat, they even complimented me on my red hair. After confessing I died it they admitted they coloured theirs too. Cats out of the bag people!

I hope you enjoyed my little encounter with The Veronicas and the videos 🙂

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