Working as Camera Assist on new web-series ‘In Transit’

I know I have neglected my blog over the last month or so and for that I’m sorry. But I do have a pretty good reason. I’ve been too busy on set various productions!!!

The latest project I have been working on is brand spanking new web-series ‘In Transit’. The series was written by Madeleine Butler and Thulaisi S and directed by Alastair Wharton.

The show is a comedy web-series that follows six 20-somethings, their crazy lives, the things they forget, the things they want to do and the things they have to do.

The production has been in the making for months but shooting started early June. The shoot consisted of about 19 days of filming. So it was a big job. Overall there were up to 35 Cast involved throughout pre-production and the shoot as well as a cast of about 35 also including extras. I had the privilege to work on about half the days.

I worked mostly as 1st Camera assist alongside the very talented director of photography Gregory Liere. It was one of the first times that I had worked for another DOP as I normally am the DOP on projects I am involved in. Greg was extremely helpful in showing me the ropes as a camera assistant and I enjoyed the role thoroughly. Not only did I learn a lot about that particular crew role but it was also a joy to watch another DOP at work.

For more information about working as a camera assistant – check out my recent post ‘So You Want to be a Camera Assistant’.

Over the course of the shoot I also got to work in a few other roles, predominantly focus pulling but also grip, 2nd camera assistant, clapper as well as my 15 minutes of fame as an extra (which secretly was a lot of fun. I got to wear an enormous burlesque like head-dress)

The project was so much fun to be involved in. The crew was so organised and on top of everything (A special point to the producers – otherwise I’m in big trouble). As well as all that everyone had a marvellous time. One of the best on set experiences I’ve had to date. I hope very much to work with everyone involved in the show again as they were delightful.

In Transit was launched October 7. Check out the first two episodes here.
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