Celebrating 3000 views

I started my blog on the 31st of October 2011 with the plan to kick-start my career and get myself known. It was an overwhelming experience at the time to get to know how to use wordpress and to get my site known but now, after 60 posts, over 350 tags and countless photos and videos I am well on my way. Almost 9 months later I have had over 3000 views to my blog.
On top of this I am over the moon to have doubled my followers on my Facebook Film Page, had over 250 views of my 2011 cinematography showreel and have worked on so many different projects I can hardly remember them all. So I am very happy right now – YAY

I wish to say a special thank you for all those who have come along with me on my film making journey so far. I hope to keep you entertained with my stories in the future.

So, to celebrate, here is a video which I had absolutely nothing to do with. I just find it fun. I hope you do too.
Thanks for reading 🙂


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