Five Poison Arrows – Music Video

I am thrilled to show you all my music video ‘Five Poison Arrows’.

This is a music video I made for Stephanie Cherote in 2010. The video was a school exercise to practice working with the RED ONE camera. I also challenged myself to learn more about After effects.

It was a difficult project for me at the time as my grandfather had passed away just a month earlier and Stephanie requested the  the story be about grief of a lost one. All the same, my  connection to the project spurred me on to make the best clip I knew how at the time.

Prior to this I had never done any special effects work, let alone opened  After Effects. I was somewhat naive as to what I was getting myself into. I did my utmost toresearch and prepare to film the video with the effects in mind, but not having the experience I did make my job more difficult for myself in the editing room. That being said I worked harder to make up for all my shortcomings in pre-production to ensure the final result was just as I had dreamed.

I was very happy with the result and humbled to have the video selected for the ‘International Film School of Sydney’s yearly screening at the Ritz Cinema, Randwick in 2011. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the video was never screened. The young actors had all come to watch themselves on the big screen in front of a large audience. They went home disappointed. I hope that people can now watch this video and enjoy it. Giving them the credit they deserved.

Thanks to all who were involved in making this video, the actors, the make up artists and the crew.

Music and Lyrics by Stephanie Cherote.
Cinematographer, Director, Producer and Art design – Ehran Edwards

Camera Assist – Kieran Fowler
Gaffer – Jordi Planell
Gaffer – Anton Syzonov
1st AD – Luke Jacobs
Makeup – Debbie Muller
Editing – Ehran Edwards
Special Effects – Ehran Edwards and Realm Choong

Featuring: Stephanie Cherote, Gabriela Basioli, Patrick Ferreira, Mitchel O’Brien, Lincoln Foagali, Danielle Spencer, Grace Palmer, Samantha Perugini, Diane Woollett. Thank you to the whole cast. You were all amazing and an absolute joy to work with. I wish you all the best of luck in your future careers. xxx

A special thanks to Realm Choong who was my saviour when it came to all the special effects work that I needed to learn. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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Here is a link to my latest music video ‘Only Only’ by Brendan Maclean 


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