On set: Brendan Maclean ‘Only Only’ Music Video

Six weeks ago I walked into a stingy little convenience store on Elizabeth St desperately seeking an iced coffee to snap me out of my early morning sleepiness. I exited, iced coffee in tow, and waited on the street.

Do you ever have those moments when you’re smack bang in the middle of a hectic, bustling and noisy environment but everything seems quiet? That was that moment. People rushing by on their way to work, the odd car horn and abusive remarks yelled out to other drivers.

Finally a familiar face approached me. Within minutes I was surrounded by the crew for a music video we were set to shoot that day. The crew got started unloading gear from cars and setting it up on the street out the front of the location. Moments later the band began to appear. Chaos ensued as amps, drums, light stands and catering were run up several flights of stairs into the main room.

Once everything was in the location the crew immediately got to work on their various roles. I was working as director of photography and so with my second camera and camera assists we quickly redressed the room and set up the lights. The band were in make up and the director in deep conversation with the first AD.

Finally we were ready.

The hours flew by as we went through shot after shot. As time started to become scarce we tightened our shot list. By lunch time we were visited by Tony Mott, photographer for Rolling Stone in the 90’s. He did some fantastic photos of the band while the rest of us devoured our lunches.

By 5:30 it was a wrap. We packed up our gear and headed off for a celebratory drink or two or three.

Since then I have watched as the director/editor cut the clip. With tense screenings we waited for the tick of approval from Brendan. The cut finally locked in it was all systems go for the final grade.

One week later and it brings me to today. I just sat down and watched the final cut and grade of the video. I am so excited to tell you all that you are in for a treat. The video will be released later today, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time here are a few sneak peeks.


News update:

The video has been released. View it here.


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