Film Dry Spell is Over

On set Pixie Rose & Johnny Sienna

I graduated from film school almost 11 months ago. All I remember is being overly exhausted and emotionally drained when it came to filming. I was a wreck after my final semester of filming, long back to back shoots, the cancellation of my own film and the overwhelming future of the unknown. My creative bone was buried under it all.

The end of school was the end of my 5 year plan. I didn’t have any idea what would happen or what I should do next. I knew that I needed to loose the impoverished student persona so I continued with my hospitality job for another 5 months or so until I realised it was draining my soul and I needed to get on with my life and start being a filmmaker.

Since then I bought a 5D mark II and started filming everything.Weddings, art shows and live bands. I got work on set in what ever role I could, be it as a runner, audience wrangling on ‘The Voice’ or driving crew around. I spent 3 months as an Intern for The Australian Film Festival.

I managed to get a few jobs working in lighting and cinematography on music videos which was a boost. I got to work as a second unit camera on my first feature (more info on that later) and as the Director of photography for a documentary. I was pretty content that I was doing a lot of filming but I still hadn’t had much of an opportunity to be overly creative. I wanted to design a shot list, light a scene and work on a set.

I was a real grump this morning. Feeling sorry for myself as I watched my friends and old class mates as they posted on Facebook about their new films and their successes. I was upset that I hadn’t made a film of my own in almost a year (let alone the fact that the last one fell apart on an epic scale). Regardless of the fact that I have been ridiculously busy working on a whole multitude of projects, I just wasn’t satisfied.

This week I started working on a new short film ‘Night of Ash’ (working title). I’m very excited that I am finally going to be back on set for this film. It will be a fantastic opportunity to work with a whole new crew of people out of film school. I get to face the challenges of the low budget lighting issues, particularly night shoots with only natural light and a 5D.

I was sitting in the car on the way to location to do a recce and I was talking to the director about the crew that are now coming on board, the art department, the costumes and the locations. I started to get a buzz of excitement.

I think it’s safe to say it’s all coming back to me now. I feel alive again with creative juices. All I want to do is write, direct, produce, light, shoot and edit. I want to make a movie again.

 So tonight I am going to start writing a feature I’ve had in mind for awhile. Then I’m going to start developing an idea for a film I can make in a few months time. My own, non film school, film.

I guess if this blog is about anything, it’s that I wanted you to know.


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