Camera Assist: American Pie: Reunion press junket

Last week I was invited by The Whole Picture to work as a camera assist for The American Pie: Reunion press junkets.

Hosted at The Intercontinental, Sydney the press junket was squished into one long day of interviews. To manage the demand 4 rooms were being run simultaneously. There were two rooms dedicated to TV and Internet video interviews and 2 rooms for radio interviews which would also be filmed.

I worked as the camera assist between the two radio rooms. This was an interesting task as it required me to go back and forth between the two different floors that each room was setup on.

I felt much more confident in my task this time and felt like I worked well with the crew members in each room. It was interesting to compare the different ways each crew set up for filming their interviews and again to compare that with the setup in the TV rooms. It was great to have another chance to work with a nano flash which were used on all the cameras, something which I feel I would like to work with more.

I had the chance to meet the whole cast; Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, Sean William-Scott, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid and Chris Klein. I also had a chance to listen in to the interview with the co-writers/directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg which was insightful.

The whole cast were extremely friendly to the crew, shaking hands and greeting everyone. The day wasn’t short of laughs with Biggs and Levy spouting joke after joke, mostly regarding Biggs’ genetalia reveal in the film. It was amazing to see the chemistry the whole cast had.

Below are a few videos from the day from the radio rooms.

American boys Call Fitzy & Wippa “Loser Kids”

Boobs rated “great” in American Pie: Reunion

Interview with the Stars of American Pie: Reunion


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