Blackcat Lounge: Brendan Maclean at Sidetrack Theatre.

Last Thursday I headed to Marrickvilles Sidetrack Theatre for Blackcat Lounge’s: A season of Queer Cabaret.

Regardless of the rain, the audience was packed. The stage was beautifully decorated with small candlelit paper boats by Seabas Andearssen.The audience was greeted with background music from Brendans first EP ‘White Canvas’.

The show kickstarted with Andrew Bennett performing a short intimate collection of acoustic songs. He entranced the audience with his unique voice and humorous stories.

Andrew Bennett. Photo by Viv McGregor

Brendan Maclean and his band of merry gents entered. From the first line “I’ve been drinking too much this afternoon” the four men (Consisting of Andrew Bennett;guitar, Lee Carey; drums and Andrew Nicholls; violin) performed crowd pleasing number after number of Brendans new original works for 2012.

The performances were energetic and Brendans cheeky lyrics permanently imprinted a smile on everyones faces for the remainder of the show.

Brendan dazzled the audience with his gorgeous solo performances on the piano as well as a hilarious rendition of classic ‘Moon river’ using various looping and voice alternating devices.

He stunned the audience when he disappeared off stage leaving behind a loop of his voice and an empty stage.A befuddled crowd began to chatter, unsure of what was going on – soon to discover Brendan reappearing in a giant Pikachu suit.

Brendan Maclean & iOTA photo by Viv McGregor

The surprises didn’t stop there. A guest appearance by the incredibly talented iOTA was a beautifully intimate moment shared by all.

After a minor stampede the band returned for an encore. Hit with audio difficulties mid song the band didn’t flinch. They immediately reset and performed the remainder of the song acoustic with Andrew Bennett on guitar heading up into the audience and Brendan singing a cappella. The audience clapped along.

The show was a huge success. Brendan leaving his audience begging for more.

Photos are from myself and photographer Viv Mcgregor (See her website here)

I was asked by Blackcat Productions to film the event. Here is a video of Brendan and iOTA

And here are some Behind the Scenes photographs of Brendan Maclean and his Band.


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