Behind the scenes for Dane Rumbles ‘Light’s Go Out’ Music Video

A few weeks ago I worked as part of a small crew for New Zealand Hip Hop artist Dane Rumbles latest music video ‘Light’s Go Out’.

An early start, I was on set at Artarmons Dragon Image‘ Studios, which I discovered was also a super go-to place for a crazy variety of film gear; lights, tripods, gels, bags, everything! They had 2 studios. One set up as a green screen, the other a white infinity room. We were working with green screen.

It was a small crew consisting of visual animator and music video director Shae Sterling. Check out his website at Moonlight sounds, his After Effects skills are top notch! I also worked alongside fellow International Film School Sydney graduates Bruno Takashi as Camera Assist and Michael Strickland as First AD. My role on the day was to take care of lighting.

Shae asked me to tape a grid on the green screen so he could use the it as motion tracking markers. His plan was to use that to create a space/room in after effects to set the scene. I had done a similar thing on a much much smaller scale on my first music video a few years back. That’s another story.

The day ran in four parts.Part 1 featured Rumble and two band performers (who actually aren’t in his band and he met that day – cool huh?)Part 2 had a narrative element with Rumble and a model acting out a ring/yang kind of gender/power battle.

Part 3 featured an extremely talented ‘Body Pop’ dancer ‘Nacho’ who had to dance blindfolded and act as if people were throwing things at him.

Part 4 involved a celtic inspired, red hooded woman who threw items (apparently at the dancer)

We got the set … set, the green screen was lit (which ws the first time I had done that) and it looked pretty even so, I was happy. The intention was to lightThe crew and band checking a take the band members in a high contrast way but I had been given flurobanks for side lights with a roof of fluro banks above them.

The video was shot on the Red Epic and Shae did most of his own camera work. We fell behind about 2 HOURS to start  but we all worked hard to catch up. The trickiest part of the day was as we began to run out of time with the model. The scene had a lot of shots which had to be done in order, due to things being destroyed as they went. Eventually once all the things are destroyed, the model is killed by Rumble. The shot overlooking her ‘dead’ body was amazing!

I got to cameo a bit as the models hands. After she had left I had to act out her hand crawling along the table and smashing a plate of jelly with my hand destroying it. Not sure if it was what they were hoping unfortunately as the jelly kind of smooshed rather than splatted. So may not make the cut 😦

The afternoon sped up with the dancer Nacho absolutely nailing his role. The dancing was awesome. Even at the points where he had to ‘dodge objects flying at him and continue to dance until he is finally knocked over and falls to the ground. I couldn’t believe he did it all blindfolded!

Finally a fiery red headed scottish girl acted as a red riding hood type celtic woman who was supposed to be throwing things at the dancer; a candlestick, a clock, an axe. We had a set up so that these dangerous items wouldn’t break anything or hurt anyone, however when Shae went to pick up a glass object he cut his hand quite badly. So that was a downer.

The day ended shortly after that and we wrapped only about half an hour late.

Stay tuned to check out the video.


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