Posing, Exposing and Art

Last weekend I volunteered to work as a videographer to help out with Chic Petite Events art exhibition, fashion show and photography.

Dropped off near broadway, I crossed a street, turned a corner and wandered down what at first seemed like an off-the-track alley. Momentarily lost, I ran into a photographer for the same event and the two of us arrived at Queen Street Studio. I realised that I had in fact looked into filming in this studio a year earlier and wasn’t able to due to an art exhibition. Who would have thought that that’s what would bring me there.

The space was huge and it seemed that we were the first to arrive. Aware the event was to start in 10 minutes I was concerned as to where everyone else was. If it opens to the general public soon, shouldn’t we be all set up and ready to go? Thankfully I wasn’t the only one worried. So a few phone call later and we discovered they were all running late. Not to worry. I made myself at home, entered the art gallery space and got to work.

I’ve never filmed art before. Usually my main subjects are alive and breathing. But the stillness and endless options of angles made it quite an opportunity to practice ‘my moves’.

The artworks were great. I’ll pop a trailer up once it’s cut so you can check it out. There were many Australian inspired paintings, Aboriginal works as well as the most insanely detailed intricate paintings i’ve seen. The detail was soooo fine.

There was also a glass exhibition where a group of women had created bowls, ornaments and well… a whole bunch of things by hand cutting coloured glass and i guess soldering and melting it all together to create beautiful designs and mosaics.

The event started up and the room became filled with people. A large number being the artists and designers.

For a few hours there was some kerfuffle around a model who was to pose for a fashion shoot later that afternoon. Designers were busy prepping outfits, accessories, make-up and hair.

Once I’d made my way around the room I finished filming the art and started to cover the prep for the photo shoot.

Finally the model was ready and dressed. Her first outfit was a gorgeous blue swim suit. Being a warm day the photographer, Tina Lombard, the model and what seemed like the whole exhibition audience went outside for the shoot.

We wandered up the alley and it was just a matter of ‘pick a wall’. The whole street seemed to be a photographers dream. Brightly coloured walls, garage doors, grafitti and quiet streets.

Here are a few stills I took amidst filming the behind the scenes stuff.

Also check out my album for more fantastic pics from the day here at Portfolio: ‘Chic Petite Events’.

As soon as I can I’ll post a vid of the event.


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