24 hours of mad editing paid off.

Earlier in the week I posted about a potential videography job that I was going for. I had been approached to film a pre wedding service. They asked me to supply some footage so they could check out my experience and style. To see the post you can check it out here:

“You never know when some random filming may be your next audition Tape.”

Anxious to get some more work I decided to edit a trailer of the last wedding I filmed, two live band performances of Brendan Maclean and his band at The Gaelic Theatre and a wedding performance of a band. 4 videos in a little over a day before my meeting.

So I set to work first thing after a day working with the Australian Film Festival. I was absolutely zonked but driven by pure necessity to finish. I quickly threw together a montage of the wedding I shot in December. Foolishly selecting sleeping comforting music to edit to as I grew weary. It got to the point where I couldn’t push on so I left the rest until the morning.

The next day I was buzzed. I knew that I had a whole day to get it done (which is much better than editing late at night) And to top it off was going to film the opening night of a fashion show in the evening. I contacted the fashion event co-ordinator and was horrified to learn that the event scheduled for that day was not a hot-to-trot sexy catwalk but an art exhibition in the middle of the day. BUMMER!!!

So I fit in a quick hour of editing to polish off the wedding video and sucked up the pain of knowing I had three more videos the edit that evening after the exhibition. I will have more info about the exhibition soon.

After the exhibition I sauntered home lugging all my gear in the blistering sun – foolishly opting to save a bus fare and walk. I made it home and got back to work.

After discovering the delight of multicam editing I managed to finish by about 11pm. Not necessarily my best work but I was sure the bride would understand. I set it all up to export so I could burn it first thing in the morning.

That morning, after getting completely lost at Parramatta mall I met up with the bride, her sister and mother. We sat around and watched my videos which were a success (yay for me!)

They told me about the event. They wanted me to film the pre-wedding service which is a mehndi ceremony. It would have women playing drums, choreographed dance numbers one after another and a ritual henna painting on the bride and groom. It sounded so exciting. We discussed how we would film it, even the possibility of a live feed direct to Pakistan! I suggested a second camera and so we began crunching numbers.

This was the first time I had really had to put a price on my work as well as a second camera person.It was really confronting. I didn’t want to quote to steep to scare them off but also I needed to make sure that both myself and the second camera operator got a reasonable rate. It’s so strange discussing money with strangers but I guess it’s something I will have to get use to. By the time we were done I had left them with some package concepts to decide on. I felt rather proud of myself for how I’d managed it as it was completely unexpected.

After the meeting I became extremely anxious, not knowing if I had the job or not. After waiting for what seemed like forever, they called me back the following evening letting me know they wanted me to film for them. Yay!

So glad that I took the time to do all that editing. It was definitely worth it and now I have some flash new trailers to show people.


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