Driver for a Television Show

Well I have had a super busy week, GOLLY!

At the last minute a friend of mine suggested I contact a producers assistant about a potent ion job. So I contacted her and within moments was hired to work as a driver for a tv show. (I’m afraid I can’t tell you the show just yet, but to be a tease it is an international production. Ooooooo!)

Realising that earlier that week I had lost my license (1 week after I had had it renewed) I then dropped that days plans and ran (train-ed) into the city to attempt to get a license before the RTA closed for the weekend.

At 4:50 I was the proud owner of 1xnew license.

So I accepted the position.

Two days later I turned up at head office where I was immediately thrust into a conflict they were having with trying to hire a car for the production. It got a bit messy for awhile as the car company seemed to be being intentionally unhelpful and at times even rude. Finally the assistant that hired me grabbed me and we drove out to the airport where the car we wanted was and after a very successful temper tantrum we got the car we wanted. I was very impressed at how it somehow worked out.

The car was a massive 8 seater van thing which to me a 2 door hyundai excel hatchback driving gal is insanely humungous!

So I quickly had to master how to drive the beast as very shortly I would be zipping around the city in it.

My first test came an indoor parking lot. Which, even though the van had a roof, i felt I kept ducking each time I drove under a beam with fear that I would somehow hit the ceiling. It seemed so close. I must have looked really silly.

By the time I managed to park the van on the top floor of the lot, I was called to bring it down as my passengers were all ready to go. Ahhh!

So then I was on the road. We had a couple of stops to make so it was going to be an interesting day. I can’t really say to much about where I went, but I can say that it tested my knowledge of Sydney.

I got to drive around the main camera crew. They were pretty nice.

I finally managed to get the crew to their final destination. It was a pretty good day. A lot of things had gone wrong and changed at the last minute but it just seemed to be in someones favour so it was ok… Most of the time.

The second day I had to wake up at 3am!!!!! Ghastly!

This time in my own car, I picked up a runner and then a different assistant and we headed to the beach. Here I actually had the chance to do a bit of work (other than driving) so it was pretty fun. I felt more involved in what was going on. After a few hours and a delicious raspberry and coconut cupcake (gluten free of course)

I then headed to the blue mountains where myself and the runner drove all around delivering things to various crew members.

At one point I got to help a camera man with his go pro. We set it up on a rock as the gaffer tape had managed to roll off a cliff. That was pretty fun. It was a gorgeous view.

We then returned to the office where they had about 150 meat pies and sausage rolls. By this time we were starving so it was a sight for sore eyes. I had the best quiche of my life!

By 8pm I finally made my way back into Sydney. It had been an exhausting couple of days as the production was more chaotic than I could have ever imagined.

A fantastic learning experience and I met some wonderful people.

Hopefully this will be my first door into many more opportunities.



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