These words are becoming very familiar to me.

I quit my regular day/night time job about month and a half ago. I feel so much happier, it’s ridiculous. And, besides missing friends the free time has come in really handy.

It was scary at first. To not have something arranged each day. I was completely used to a system, a roster, a routine. Now I have none. The aim is to become self sufficient as a freelance filmmaker.  I put aside some saving so I’m ok for at least another month. But now comes the hard part; actually finding film work.

I’ve done the study but where do I go from here.

Eventually I put my free time to good use and went through the gruelling process of job applications. It’s amazing how boring promoting yourself day after day can be.

The hardest thing has been having nothing lined up in the future. It’s something I keep finding myself struggling with. No idea when the next pay check might come in. At the moment they are few and far between. I am hopeful however that this won’t be the case for long.

Slowly the new routine has become the job applications. Looking for anything that my help me meet people or pay my rent. I’m not in any red zone, but it never hurts. I can’t volunteer for EVERYTHING, can I?

So each day I go through the routine of checking my emails to see if I’ve had any replies and then checking all the jobs sites to see if anything has popped up. I’m aware that this is the most difficult way. But as I see it, when you don’t really know anyone, it’s the only way to start meeting people. Unfortunately, most of it is volunteer work.

When you think about it, it’s amazing that people are willing to volunteer just for a chance. They put in a hard days work just for an opportunity. People out there love that and are more than happy to take advantage of it. Why not?

It was slow for the first week or so. Now I have the odd thing here or there. I’m interning at The Australian Film Festival. A job which takes up 2 -3 days of my week, which seeing as I don’t get much work yet is probably a blessing to get my mind off job searching for a few days. At least I feel like I’m doing something.

On top of that I have done the Maxim shoot. I film friends bands when they perform (just for fun) I hope to be shooting a music video or two soon (nothing official yet) and a fashion shoot. As fun as all this is, it’s all volunteer.

What am I meant to do? No one can really expect that a person can live off volunteering alone. I guess I need a regular job but I’m afraid that all my free time will get eaten up. Do I just hold out until something saves the day or do I put some of my energy into a job at… I dunno, Big W?

At what point is volunteering for good opportunities a bad idea?

How far can it push me in the right direction before I get dragged down financially.

This isn’t a woe is me, remember, I saved up before setting out on this adventure. I’m just wondering when it stops being a learning/developing experience and turns into a career.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer/Intern

  1. Very brave. Good luck! Its one of lifes ultimate questions, expectations vs life goals. Go for what you want and what you need to make you happy. Taking the first step is the hardest part, but staying on the road to your goals is not much easier. Hope it all works out.

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