Getting on the Blu-ray train


So last night as I curled up in bed for a late night movie. I popped in The Muppet Movie and settled in. I was pretty psyched as the movie started to play.

And then my DVD player died.

And so it brings me to face the world of blurry a little sooner than planned.

I’ve spent the morning reading up on do’s and donut’s and it seems there is a whole world of movie downloading that I just haven’t heard of. Perhaps as a filmmaker it’s about time I get on board with the blu-ray lingo and buy a new player.

Now the first thing I thought was; “What on earth do you look for for a blu-ray player?”

My boyfriends first thought: “Playstation 3!”

If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears (or eyes I guess as I’m blogging)

By this time tomorrow I will be setting one up. I just hope it’s the right one for me.


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