Taking a risk

So last week I quit my hospitality job which I had help onto over the course of 4 years while I studied.

I’m currently left with a christmas casual position at a music/DVD store in the city. My hope/aim is to start taking on freelance work. I’m definitely going to be much more available soon.

The risk of course is that I don’t get any freelance work or I can’t do it and that my job doesn’t offer me a more permanent position after christmas in which case I would therefore be very poor and behind in bills.

I got to a point where I figured it was a risk worth taking. A risk which I would have to take eventually. Why not now?

I hope that I haven’t been too busy that no one will ask me to help any more. I am so keen to get back on set.

Anyway, will keep you up to date with how things turn out.


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