The many Lives of a Filmmaker

I am currently trying to get myself ‘out there’ as a filmmaker’. For the last few weeks I have been trying to get myself film work and get my profile as a filmmaker up and out there in the big wide world.

Last week I had a doozie!

Like many creative people who are waiting for their start in the industry I work part time in a restaurant.

So a few weeks ago I was offered a christmas casual position in a music/DVD/camera store. Which is PERFECT! I love it so much. So for a few weeks I was juggling my hospitality and retail job simultaneously and was pretty happy with myself. The plan being to eventually merge into the music/DVD store if they offered me a position after christmas. I just need to wow their socks off in the mean time. I figured it would be ideal to be in a film environment, with flexible hours and have the opportunity to get gear for a discounted price.

Last week I was contacted by a radio station who have had me in mind for work for almost 2 years. They offered me three weeks full time work writing and directing online gossip videos.
At first, I was stoked, I finally had an opportunity to get some decent credit on my resume.

I found myself caught in a tough decision. I had 2 part time jobs already which I would have to quit at least one or both with only days notice and start a job that was only for three weeks with no promise of future work.

So, in the end, I had to turn down the web video job as it would essentially leave me unemployed after 3 weeks.

I’ve been really pushing myself and have had a few random opportunities/jobs come up but each time my restaurant or the retail position are in the way. I just wonder at what point is it safe for me to pull away from the part time job safety net and actually live like a freelancing filmmaker?

So, in the end, I had to turn down the web video job as it would essentially leave me unemployed after 3 weeks.

It hurt to think that I chose retail and hospitality over film work. It made me question myself. What is it that I want. I know I want film work, but how do you know when it really is a good opportunity or just an opportunity?

I had to turn down the job as it just wasn’t a good enough opportunity. It would have been great but I don’t have many other opportunities coming my way that I could do after the three weeks was up. Its a shame. It hurts that I chose the hospitality job and retail job over film work.

My boyfriend told me that I will know when its a good enough opportunity to quit everything. It just wasn’t good enough.

I just need to keep scraping for the odd job here and there and get myself enough work in the line that I can pull away.

Have I gotten too comfortable with my fortnightly pay check and am too scared to face unemployment if I don’t push myself?

I don’t regret my decision. I don’t have enough opportunities that I could safely quit both my jobs and jump from job to job. Im just wondering, when does the filmmaking career start? How do I start it? Do I really just have to jump in the deep end and face starvation and unemployment? Or do I just have to juggle my schedule like a maniac and hope that I am getting to a point where I don’t need to rely on a part time job.

I had to pursue my creative side, didn’t I.






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