Pleased as punch

For the last few weeks I have been working very hard to try and find myself work outside my hospitality job.
As I want to work in film, I wanted to do something within the industry or at the least, more film related than serving steak to upper class snobs.

Yesterday I applied for a casual job at JB Hi-Fi. I was pretty nervous as I hadn’t gone for a job interview in a long time. I also already had a job and thought that would be a massive turn off.

It was pretty relaxed.

JB: “Do you like movies?”
ME: Uhhhh i’m a filmmaker, so DUH!!!
JB: Do you like music?
ME: Um, yep.
JB: Do you like games?
ME: I just got a wii, play the playstation and rock out on the old nintendo 64. So, yeah, I like games.
JB: Great, nice to meet you.

I was like, oh ok… is that it???
I mean, obviously I elaborated but that was pretty much the interview.
I left the interview thinking I was a bit of a fool. I didn’t talk about the film work I do, or the variety in my taste in music and film.

Why didn’t I film geek the crap out of them????

So, I spent hours after wishing I could do it over. Wishing I could have somehow been more interesting or funny.

That afternoon they called me and offered me the job.
I was so shocked, I sort of forgot to accept it right away.

So, now I have a christmas casual job at JB Hi-Fi selling cps, dvds and games. Pretty cool.My hope is to wow their socks off so that after christmas they will be begging me to work in their camera department. Oh yeah. That’s where the cool stuff is. MMMM cameras.

I know it’s temporary and I’m still going to juggle the restaurant so hopefully it’s enough of a change to help me bear the customers at the restaurant.

Anyway, so I’m excited that I got a job yesterday. Pleased as punch.


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