First film outside film school…kinda

My boyfriend (who is still in film school) and I (recent graduate) have co-written a film. He is directing and working with a group of students to make the film.
He asked me to come on board and help produce and manage the art department.

I haven’t ever focused on the art department before. I have mostly focused on cinematography. So, it’s been strange not thinking about the camera stuff at all and just worrying about costumes, hair, props, set dressing.

It’s an interesting experience, because, on one hand I’m not part of the film crew (which is what I’m used too) and for the first time am finding the time to work on a film around a regular lifestyle out of film school.
The latter is probably the hardest.

It’s a typical story of a wannabe filmmaker. I work as a waitress in the city while I try and find work in film.

Months have gone by since I finished and this project is the first thing I’ve really got to do out side of school. But it’s working with the school so….

It’s would be nice to branch off and make my own films again. Or get a film job somewhere.

Don’t know where to start.


But for the meantime I’m happy enough running the art department (consisting of 1). I like working with my boyfriend.

It’s nice to be doing something.


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