Up and Running

A day sitting down doesn’t sound like hard work. It is.

Today I started my blog. I sat down at 11:30 this morning and 13 hours later I finally finished what I set out to do.

That’s the exciting thing. Even though I know very little people will see this blog, I had a goal to have a certain amount of it ready for when they come.

I feel down from time to time because I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere, that I haven’t gotten closer to getting that new job, or offer that’s going to point me in the direction I want for my filmmaking career.

My boyfriend is often telling me it’s important to set yourself small attainable goals for each day so that you always feel like you have achieved stuff. The long term goals – are just that. LONG TERM GOALS! He says even small things like doing a pile of washing or cooking a nice meal (which he does). Today I said “I’m going to start my first blog.” I wanted a few posts, a bit about me and a page where people could see my projects. It was hard, and after many hours, much frustration, a nice massage and too many episodes of Breaking Bad… I DID IT!

Thank-you darling for helping me when I got down and frustrated. I can’t wait for you to see it when you wake up in the morning.


One thought on “Up and Running

  1. Heya Ehran,

    Read your first post
    You are a natural
    Take time and you will be a regular blogger
    al de very best

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