Broken Moth Wings

I was pretty set on being either the worlds most awesome drummer (jazz or rock… was undecided) or a super successful interior decorating genius. Whichever I chose, I thought I was on track to an amazing career.

It wasn’t too long after that, I was on my way to study filmmaking.

After high school I made a friend who worked in a small country town DVD store.

FRIEND: “So have you seen blah blah blah movie?”

EHRAN: Blah blah blah what???


I soon found myself borrowing out lists of all the must see films of all time and quickly catching up on what must have been every other kids average upbringing in terms of movie awesomeness.

Somewhere along the road I watched ‘The Jacket’

Not the best movie, but I started to watch the special features. There was a short interview with the Art Director who was talking about the special effects.

There was this effect used, which was made of light being shone through broken moth wings and flickered somehow… i don’t know. The point is that I suddenly realised I wanted to do that. Not  play with moth wings, but be a filmmaker.

Within months I moved to Canberra to study Media Production and get my head around filmmaking. I wanted to be the next hot Aussie Cinematographer.Directing Actor - Justin Bush

I started this blog because I lost my mojo. It’s been almost 5 years since I realised I wanted to be a filmmaker. Somewhere along the way I lost my thirst for the dream, my ambition, even what I was striving for.

I know I want to make films. Give me a camera and I am ecstatic.

But this post film school lull is rough.

I need a job and like every other post graduate, I have been waiting.

I started this blog here, with the past, because that’s where the passion came from. I figure, if I don’t feel it at the moment, I ought to go back to when I did. Re-motivate myself.

I started this blog because i’m not waiting anymore. I hit the point where I couldn’t sit back anymore. I’m bored. I want to be making films again.

It seems creating a blog is almost as hard as making a film but it’s just one step closer to me organising myself and showing people who I am and what I can do.

I hope you like my work. After all, that’s what it’s all about…. you liking it….right?


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